Daffodils & Narcissi

Golden Harvest

These locally grown daffodils and narcissi are packed into 25kg nets. This is possibly the most economic way to purchase your product. We list some 24 different varieties of tall garden daffodil, from the well known yellow trumpets, to the more exotic multi headed varieties. All are hardy, strong species, and are ideal for garden or naturalising purposes. They require very little maintenance and should last a life time if properly cared for. The size of bulb comes in 12-14cm or 14-16cm, thus ensuring a good strong flower with sometimes several flowers per bulb.

The approximate count of 12/14cm size bulbs per 25kg net is 350-375 bulbs

The approximate count of 14/16cm size bulbs per 25kg net is 275-300 bulbs


* Please note, on the 14/16cm size bulb there is every chance of each bulb throwing two flowering stems.

All weights are approximate owing to the possibility of shrinkage during storage.

Our Most Popular Varieties

Name Description Season
ActeaLarge pure white petal with small yellow / red eye. Fragrant.Mid Season
AflameDeep red corona, creamy petalsMid Season
CarbineerBright yellow with orange red cupMid Season
CarltonSoft yellow petal with large lemon cup.Mid Season
CheerfulnessMulti headed, white tinged yellow flower. Fragrant.Late Season
Dutch MasterYellow flowering trumpet daffodil.Mid Season
Dick WildenLarge golden yellow double.Early Season
Flower RecordWhite petal, large bright orange cup tinged red outer.Mid Season
FortuneSoft yellow petal, large pale orange cup.Early Season
GeraniumMulti headed, white petal with small red centre. Fragrant.Late Season
Golden DucatDeep golden yellow double flower.Mid Season
Golden HarvestA popular golden yellow trumpet daffodil. Early.Early Season
Ice FolliesWhite petal with large lemon yellow centre. Early.Early Season
King Alfred TypeThe gardeners choice of yellow trumpet daffodil.Mid Season
MixedA mixture of early, mid and late varieties to ensure prolonged flowering.Early Season
Mount HoodAll white large trumpet daffodil.Late Season
SalomeWhite petal with large pale pink cup.Mid Season
Scarlet O'haraBright yellow, orange red cupEarly Season
Sempre AvantiCreamy white with large orange cup.Late Season
Sir Winston ChurchillWhite multi headed flower tinged with red center. Fragrant.Late Season
St. KeverneThe Cornish daffodil, all yellow and large cupped.Early Season
White LionWhite double flower with lemon yellow segments.Mid Season
Yellow CheerfulnessMulti headed narcissi, primrose yellow. Fragrant.Late Season
Red DevonLemon yellow, large bright orange red cupEarly Season


1Kg Daffodil Nets

Daffodils and Narcissi are packed into strong, small meshed nylon nets, and are complete with an illustrated label.

The size of the bulbs fall into the 12-14cm range, thus to guarantee a good strong flower. There are approximately 20bulbs per net, and there being 25 nets per outer per variety.

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